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LANDHE 35cl – Acorn spirit


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The “Frutti di Bosco” farm, the only reality in Sardinia in the cultivation and sale of fresh berries, located at 554 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Limbara, in the countryside of Tempio Pausania, has diversified its own activity with an artisan distillery called “Arsura”. The Distillery produces a 100% acorn from cork distillate, without the addition of sugars, caramel and without passage in wood. Entirely made in Sardinia, from the handcrafted and branded box in Mamoiada, to the Braille label for the blind in Ortacesus, to the cork tag in Calangianus.
The distillate from starch (acorn) is unique in the world. The fruit of the cork harvested manually, once dried, ground, enzymed to make the starch become sugar, after fermentation, is distilled over direct heat in a copper still with a capacity of 140 liters, a prototype entirely designed and conceived for the processing of unique products.
The aromas and flavors of acorn spirit are not attributable to grappa, cognac, whiskey, rum, tequile, etc, it is in fact a different product, devoid of acidity, soft and elegant. The fruit of the cork oak was used to make bread, coffee (ciofeca) and is used for the production of a pudding in Korea. The totality of the bottles produced by the “Arsura” distillery will not exceed 2000 numbered caskets per year.
The very low yield of the acorn and the uniqueness of the product place the acorn spirit in a narrow niche market.

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