AMARO BOMBA PAPTA The bitter. Unique and unrepeatable. Enveloping and intriguing like the strawberry tree honey that guards its heart, it tells of an impetuous and wild Sardinia like no one. Type: Gin Botanical Appearance: Intense amber color with warm veins in shades of darker brown. Perfume: The scent is strong and characteristic. It opens with engaging vegetal notes, memories of officinal herbs, hypericum, santolina and thyme accompanied by notes of strawberry tree honey, scent of mugwort and Mediterranean scrub. Taste: Full and enveloping, persistent taste. In the mouth, when tasted it causes an explosion of fresh and bitter notes of the Sardinian Mediterranean scrub. It recalls aromas and perfumes. The wild nature is perfectly balanced by the sweet and sour taste of strawberry tree honey, the finish is decidedly balsamic. In the mouth they persist on all the hypericum and mugwort. Alcohol content 33% vol. 10 CL

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Weight 300 g